Thursday, March 31, 2011


to anyone who occasionally sees my blog and goes oh dang is she dead? the answer is nah... i've just gone to the dark side, blogger lost one more to tumblr ^^ follow me~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

“So this is the new year. And I don’t feel any different.” — Death Cab for Cutie, The New Year.

once upon a time i would be oozing motivation today. the first of the year! the first day of the rest of my life! the chance to start over! but today? nah. i don't feel different, and i didnt really make any resolutions. heck, i didnt watch the ball drop or party or even watch the clock click from one year to another.... nah, i sat in my room cuddled under all my blankets and wrote a letter to a stranger, literally... then i ate a very crunchy apple... then i turned off my lights and stared out my window for quite some time, lost in ridiculous dreams.... then i finally checked my clock. 1:07 hrmm. yaay for 2011? its not that i didnt make resolutions at all, cuz i did, just not for the new year. see, im different, infected with some madness maybe that makes me a little twisted... so i make my resolutions at the beginning of every season~ i dont trust myself to keep resolutions for a whole year. psh. i can barely keep something going for a week! a season, i can handle. and so i made my goals at winter solstice... so why celebrate the new year? why bother.... im sorry,i lack this festive spirit i should have. ahem, ill try harder. raise your glass, mazel tov everyone! lets make some resolutions, you know the kind. i'll eat healthier, i'll recycle, i'll be nicer to my family, i'll get to the gym once a week, i'll read my Bible. As if. who actually sticks to their resoltions? i found a list of mine last year and i hadnt even attempted a singe one past hmm maybe a  week? nah, thats to severe, maybe a MONTH. wow, for 1/12 of the year i was who i wanted to be. LIE LIE LIE. that's not who i want to be anyways. i want to be free and happy and loved. and dieting, goin green, being kind to the fam, excersising, and reading mah Bible? eh. not sure that's gonna do it for me. you can argue that my priorities are wrong, that i'm damaged somehow and i have no moral compass. hmm, maybe i don't. but really i don't care what you think... well no that's a lie, i do i just don't like admitting it. honestly. i really do care what ppl think, more than i should, and i hate that.... but i can pretend i don't... and that's almost as good, right? yeah of course it is! so this is rambling now, turning into who knows.
         happy new year. whatever that means.
                     that grl

Monday, December 13, 2010

in which i wonder about my bellybutton

what is a belly button beyond a battle wound of being born? i know. this seems random, but my mind works like that so get used to it or click the red x at the top of the page and go somewhere else. ahem. right, bellybuttons. have you ever really looked at your bellybutton and thought about it? some people have the most adorable literally button-like belly buttons, but i am not so fortunate. i have an innie, a little scrunch of skin in the middle of my tummy, serving no purpose anymore. isnt it weird that something that was once so vital, something that kept me alive as a leeetle baby now does... nothing? well i mean the  bellybutton itself didnt do anything, because it didnt exist, but where it is was my umbellical cord, my bungee cord that kept me from floating up and getting tangled in mumzies intestines. sick. anyways, so how weird is it that umbellical cords keep you alive for 9 months, they dry up and fall off, leaving behind... a little scar we call a belly button! my little brother... actually the skin behind his belly button never closed up, so you could push it in and like okay push on yours, unless you're really fat your hand finger wont like go into your stomach, you'll feel resistance. he didnt have that, so it stuck out like 2 inches! he ended up having to get surgery, they went in and closed up the skin behind his belly button so now it looks normal... weirdness. anways, so now we have this thing in the middle of our stomachs that ppl just cant seem to leave alone, why pierce it? eew. that weirds me out... its a belly button, not an ear.. altho i guess ear piercing is weird if you think about it that way... so is nose piercing. anyways. ppl just cant leave it alone! they wear bikinis to show it off, all bedazzled and cute, but really... is it? i dunno. these thoughts are very strange, i know. i scare myself somedays. so.... lets appreciate our belly buttons, let's have a nation belly button day, let's write songs and odes and symphonies in their honor.... and then let's go get some arby's curly fries cuz i am starving.

         love always

Saturday, December 11, 2010

carwash epiphany

hey, im sorry its been so long since I’ve posted, so much has happened, I don’t even know where to begin. first of all… I got my heart broken, and the ultimate slap in the face all at once which is a LONNNG story, but suffice it to say I’m alrite now and me and the guy are friends, because I can’t hold things against people but I don’t trust him anymore at all and i’m so sick of these screwy ending romantically inclined endeavors ( I know, big words ^^) so in explanation, basically he convinced me to give him a chance, he swore up and down he changed and to believe him… so I did because I want to believe in people more than anything. and he sent me cute face book messages and said I was beautiful, he bought me orange sherbert and sunglasses because he said my eyes were so amazing and it wasn’t fair how I used them against him so it was NECESSARY to buy them… and he brought me Arnold Palmers and gave me good morning hugs… he left silly notes in my locker just to say hi Im in math class and I miss you… and so I told him alrite, here’s your chance. blow my mind. and… it was all good for a few days, we had fun we were like silly little kids and the entire school gave me crap for it ( even longer story) but we didn’t care… and we went to a ballet and held hands and laughed at the whole thing because ballet just isn’t our thing… and then I found out he made out with his ex less than 24 hours later, so at school Monday I told him choose between me and her. and…. he chose her. theres more to it than that, MUCH MUCH MUCH more but that’s the jist of it all. so I got my heart broken but im over it now because he’s not worth my sadness or my time in any way. end of story.

so on another subject, I recently moved up a dance class which I love to death because its so darn challenging and I have to practice A LOT but im good with it. my goal (yes im crazy) is to move up AGAIN by the end of march… its hard core. but I love dance so much, especially hard shoe.. for ppl that don’t know, I do irish dance and we have hard shoe and soft shoe. hardshoe is kinda like tap, but really not, and soft shoe is more graceful I guess? either way, theres a lot of kicking and trying to float across the room which im not the best at yet, but its getting there.

umm what else? well, we went to see voyage of the dawn treader this afternoon, it was okay. like it was TOTALLY NOT LIKE THE BOOK AT ALL and personally I think the acting at the beginning was really forced and choppy, but overall it was pretty good. not what I expected, but alrite. like it felt REALLY rushed, there was no time where they just sailed and enjoyed the water or whatever… I wont say anymore tho, go see it. the movie that looks fricking adorable is tangled~ I think we might go see it over Christmas break yay!

Speaking of Christmas break, I’m excited cuz we’re going skiing!!!! I love skiing so much, ive only been twice in my life, and at first I HATED it and couldn’t figure it out at all, but after a while I got the hang of it and by the end of the second time we went I skied the double black diamond so I felt super accomplished… ftw!

okay, I love Pandora internet radio, I really do, its great and I listen to it whenever im on the computer for a paper or whatever, but I really hate it when the ads pop up for target or whatever. okay so whats up with adam young? so he’s owl city and sky sailing? cuz this song called Brielle just came on… man what a gorgeous name, I love that name… neways, im like hey that’s owl city isn’t it? so I clicked to see what it was and it said sky sailing.. so apparently adam young has sky sailing as a side project thing? I never heard of it until now… interesting. I do love owl city…

amazing songs recently discovered: almost lover by a fine frenzy, yours eyes open by keane, just say yes by snow patrol, lovers in japan by coldplay, be like that by three doors down, annnd no envy no fear by Joshua radin. good songs, I promise, listen and you won’t be disappointed… if you are I will… umm I dunno, suggest some more? ;)

okay, ill post more when I can… because my life is a mess and you all deserve to hear ever crazy word!

love always,


Saturday, November 27, 2010

haaaai. so i went to a ballet last night, my first ever. it was quite interesting, for a million reasons. first of all i got stuck in a random group of ppl with only mike and kayla that i knew around me, and some dude with spikey cactus hair sitting in front of me so i couldnt see a darn thing! at the intermission me and all my friends moved back where there were better seats and no cactus heads so we could all sit together.. it was fun. the ballet lasted 2 and 1/2 hours tho :-O crazy. ill explain later...

Monday, November 22, 2010


ohh my life just got even more confusing today during last period... oh dear lord. its a long story that im not gonna tell here to the world, but... yeah. lets move on already.
so. its raining... and i heard some thunder earlier which made me smiiiile... yay storms. man i dont know what to post now. ummmmm well i had my first performance with my dance company fri nite which was fun~ me leah and erin screwed up majorly on one of our dances, but otherwise it was all good... yay dance. so i got me some sherbert from a friend... totally random and made my day i was like whaaaaa and he's like i got you sherberrrrrt!!! i shared with friends at lunch and we were happy people. umm what else? weeeel i also got me a report card and i done got all a's cept fer one stinkin b. grrr. ah well. whats with mah accent going on? *shudder* scaaaaaarrry. oh dear. i have to go now but i promise ill do a better post soon cuz these little ones are suckkkyyyy!!!!
     love always

Thursday, November 18, 2010

what a week

once upon a time there was a girl named kara with a dilemma. her dilemma was named mike and he tied her in knots most days because he was an idiot but a very charming idiot. and so she chewed him out and it went badly. and now she's more confused than ever >.< boys are stupid. boys are stupid.boys are stupid.